The Incredible Reasons You Should Be Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The Incredible Reasons You Should Be Using Apple Cider Vinegar

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For as long as many people can remember, vinegar has been used in the household for a wide variety of different reasons. From household cleaning to cooking, this is by far one of the most versatile liquids in your pantry. While traditional white vinegar is the more common type, one of the best kinds of vinegar to have on hand at all times is apple cider vinegar. As far as natural health is concerned, apple cider vinegar is one of the most vigorously used. So what are the benefits of this substance and how should you use it? Today, we will teach you everything you need to know about this incredible liquid.


Aids in Losing Weight


Are you trying to drop a few extra pounds without having to workout like a maniac or go on a crazy strict diet? Apple cider vinegar might be the best thing to add to your diet. While you certainly can’t stop being active or eating healthy, the vinegar may give your body an extra boost as studies suggest the vinegar may turn on genes which are involved in breaking down unhealthy fats that can get stored up.


Healthy Skin and Hair


Do you have a problem with your face breaking out with acne? Apple cider vinegar may be a much better and cheaper investment than any high-priced specialty creams and face washes. The vinegar makes for an excellent natural toner to both keep skin looking healthy and controlling your acne with its antibacterial properties.


Apple cider vinegar is also a great addition to your beauty regiment if you are looking for healthy, shiny hair. After you have conducted your normal shampooing of your hair, apple cider vinegar makes for an excellent rinse. With one cup of cold water and a half tablespoon of the vinegar, this mixture will give your hair a beautiful shine if done several times per week.

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Energy Boost


When you wake up, most likely your go-to is a cup of coffee or tea. What about the afternoon slump? Is this the same remedy you use? The next time you feel really wiped out, try apple cider vinegar instead. Adding one or two tablespoons to a glass of water or even your favorite juiced drink can give you an energy boost you can’t get anywhere else, thanks to the potassium and enzymes packed into the vinegar.


Controls Blood Sugar


Do you have high blood sugar levels, or suffer from type 2 diabetes? Apple cider vinegar is an excellent way to keep your numbers down. one study showed two tablespoons of the vinegar could significantly lower glucose levels overnight.
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